Solutions for professionals!

Our professional solutions help people all over the world. We target not only IT experts and developers, but also provide end-user products, helping individuals and organizations in their daily activities.


AweSync and AweSync.Mail are the leading products designed to synchronize Lotus & Google Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. It's became the best in class product rapidly after it's first production version was shipped in March, 2010. This solution was chosen by more than 27000 customers from 95 countries all over the world.

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My Notes - mobile client for IBM Notes

My Notes is a solution to use IBM Notes applications on iPhone, iPad or Android. Start using your business applications on your mobile with no tiresome setup procedures, no obscure guides and no lengthy calls to IT support desk. the solution brings instant over-the-air access to your business applications with ease of scanning a QR code from your desktop.

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Lotus Notes Active X Grid Control

We offer convenient way to display and edit table data in Lotus Notes. Most of the standard controls lack the ability to integrate with Lotus Notes smoothly. To solve this problem, we came up with the Lotus Notes ActiveX Grid solution.

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iMoodJournal - mood tracking application for Android and iPhone

Our mobile development team came up with an idea to create a simple app to track mood evaluations and associate the records with personal experiences in order to discover patterns, mood triggers and observe mood changes in perspective. This beautiful app is an ultimate mood diary. It will help you discover causes of your ups and downs, and get surprising insights into yourself!

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2Checkout Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

2Checkout Mobile Apps are designed by our team for, which is used by vendors all over the world to sell their products and services, and who would like to leverage the power of mobility with iPhone, iPad and Android in their hands instead of necessity of logging into the standard web account interface in browser. This apps provide an easy to use and yet powerful way to monitor your vendor account, issue refunds and even get in touch with your customers.

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Workflow Automation

We developed a very simple, affordable, and function reach workflow automation products for both Lotus Domino and Microsoft .NET. These products make it possible to quickly automate the most critical processes in your organization activities.

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