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Inexika Inc.won an international bid to develop GuestBuddy mobile application

On May 8, 2018 our company was declared the winner of a tender for development of GuestBuddy mobile application for iOS and Android, along with backoffice (web application). The application is designed to empower communication between hostels and their guests, and is intended for the international market.

iMoodJournal is in Healthline’s list of the Best Bipolar Apps of 2017!

Today we are happy to announce that our app iMoodJournal made Healthline’s list of the Best Bipolar Apps of 2017!

iMoodJournal was launched in 2011, and since then has received numerous awards and positive reviews, including reviews in NY Times, NY Daily News, etc. You can find more details on the app and some reviews on

We continue working on the app to make it even greater tool for our users!

Awesync 6.6 is released - now Windows® 10 compatible!

In this release, Awesync has met all technical requirements for being compatible with Windows® 10. Besides, we've eliminated several problems - an issue with activation experienced by users not having access to HTTPS has been resolved and several errors have been fixed.

For more details, please see Release Notes on our website:

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My Notes 3.1.0 for iOS with calendar support goes live!

Today a long awaited release of My Notes 3.1.0 for iPad and iPhone with calendar support has gone live! After a testing phase, we've presented a fully functional calendar support - possibility to create, edit and reschedule all types of events, including recurring ones, invite participants, receive push notifications, and other useful features. This is a truly great improvement for our iOS users. Besides, we've added support of 3D Touch functionality - in My Notes it's possible now to open app's menu from the icon, preview events, notebook entries and emails.

iMoodJournal 3.0 with Apple Watch Support is Released!

Today iMoodJournal 3.0 for iPhone with Apple Watch support has appeared in the Apple App Store. This eagerly-awaited integration will definitely open a new page in the development of the product. Along with this main option, the release suggests a number of enhancements - the features requested by our users.

AweSync 6.2 is Released!

We've just launched a new version. In this release, some long-awaited improvements requested by our users have been made and some minor issues fixed. We've added backup encryption and improved the built-in tool used by users to restore accidentally removed events. Work of AweSync with Notes ID file has also been enhanced. Besides, new cryptographic algorithms have been integrated, which makes AweSync FIPS-compliant.

A New Version of iMoodJournal Released!

Today an updated version of iMoodJournal has appeared in Apple App Store. New iMoodJournal has been extended with some long-awaited features, such as support of iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and possibility to unlock the app using Touch ID (on iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus). For those users who have to use iMoodJournal in public or at work, we've added the possibilities to change the default text of notification to their own and select more neutral notification sounds (several new beeps and clicks have been added).

A new release of My Notes for iOS is available!

A new release of My Notes app for iOS has just appeared in the Apple AppStore! We added support of iOS 8 and optimized the application for iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 
We are sure that this release takes the work experience of many IBM Lotus Notes users, who may want to access Lotus Notes mail, contacts, notebook etc. from their iPhone or iPad, to the next level!

We have released My Notes today for using IBM Notes applications from iPhone

My Notes for iPhone is live now, which is indeed a great news for everyone who needs to access their Lotus Notes databases from their mobile. My Notes is an innovative solution featuring:

- Self-service setup procedure as easy as scanning QR code from user’s desktop
- Distributed cloud service for location-based connection between mobile phone and Lotus Notes
- Exceptional security based on modern and proven encryption standards
- Notes-specific features, such as full-text search, priority follow-up flags, categorized views, etc.
- Support of multiple Mail files, Contacts and Notebook databases on one mobile workplace

More details and demo video:
Official press-release: