We developed very simple, affordable, and function reach workflow automation products for both Lotus Domino and Microsoft .NET. These products make it possible to quickly automate the most critical processes in your organization activities.

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Very strong point of workflow systems is ability to quickly change and adapt processes according to the changing requirements in the modern world. Your IT staff can quickly learn how to use our products, and create workflow automation applications on their own, or change existing applications rapidly. Also, as our products are based on such popular and affordable platforms as Lotus Domino and Microsoft.NET, deployment and ownership costs are quire reasonable, and further migration or integration with other global IT systems, such as ERP, won’t be a problem.


  • Quick and efficient workflow automation
  • High real ROI in IT infrastructure
  • Operative monitoring of organization activities right from your computer – anywhere
  • Personnel and operations efficiency assessment, stats collection and analysis
  • Bottlenecks identification
  • Reduction of processing errors and amount of «lost» tasks
  • Security – and data access control according to assigned roles, operations logging
  • Information repository right into the workflow document
  • Finally, higher business efficiency


  • Simple and intuitively clear interface – enables quick learning and start for any kind of users: developers, analysts, end-users
  • Rapid application development environment – quick modelling of processes, and ability to quickly change them in modern dynamic world
  • Reliable access control system and information protection – assurance that only authorized users can access the information
  • Powerful events logging and notification subsystem – more efficient work and statistics reporting capabilities
  • Wide range of automation languages and open architecture support – easy system expansion and integration with third-party systems
  • Extensive search capabilities, including full text search – quick and easy access to required information saves time
  • Reliability, extendability and scalability – high potential for growing businesses, support for distributed organizations
  • Ability to work via the Web – allows to use system on various platforms



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