UI and Booking Engine for FrontDesk Master

Innovative “all in one” hostel management system

FrontDesk Master is an innovative, web-based system with the power and flexibility of desktop application. It is cloud-based, distributed as SaaS and available on all devices any time, with real ‘real-time’ experience. It offers extensive multi property support, advanced price strategies & analysis, and social media integration.

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The system provides a unique way of managing rooms in different configurations and under different types, with unlimited flexibility. In other words, FrontDesk Master is everything one needs to run a hostel in one system.

FrontDesk Master consists of 3 main components:

  • Channel Manager

    The service interacting with various online booking channels like booking.com. It supplies information about available rooms and collects reservations. It’s implemented as a .NET windows background service.

  • User Interface

    Workplace for hostel personnel. It is implemented as a web application on Sencha Ext JS and SignalR, and backend is written in .NET/C#. The person from a hostel staff can configure a hostel, set price strategies, configure the Channel Manager, create and edit reservations.

  • Booking Engine

    a kind of vidget that allows guests to make reservations. Any hostel can obtain a link to be placed on its website, or displayed in iframe, or hosted directly on a hostel’s page on Facebook. It’s single page AJAX application based on KnockoutJS and ASP.NET MVC.

All these components communicate through WCF REST service, store data in multiple SQL Server databases and are deployed over multiple servers.

Our team implemented a great part of UI and Booking Engine completely. Besides, we performed system administration (managing SSL certificates, installing and configuring services and components) and database administration (backups & maintenance automation, performance optimization). We configured servers to pass tests on PCI compliance, thus having provided full stack development services.

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