Workflow Engine for IESO

Workflow process designer and engine

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A large British company performing process automation in the healthcare contacted us with the following task. In their business they have to deal with a lot of processes. Over the years, the processes have become overly complex for understanding and support. Therefore, they decided to use Microsoft Workflow Foundation to manage the processes.

To simplify the development of workflows, a visual editor has been created. The editor was developed using WPF with use of MVVM Prism framework. In addition, the editor allowed to remotely debug workflows, as well as visualize the progress of the processes recorded in the log.

For execution of work processes, a server part was developed with support for remote debugging. Particular attention was paid to the possibility of remote real-time debugging, detailed logging of processes, with the possibility of subsequent visualization of the recorded process, as well as recovery from a failure.

All client and server code were 100% covered with unit tests.

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