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A new release of My Notes for iOS is available!

A new release of My Notes app for iOS has just appeared in the Apple AppStore! We added support of iOS 8 and optimized the application for iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 
We are sure that this release takes the work experience of many IBM Lotus Notes users, who may want to access Lotus Notes mail, contacts, notebook etc. from their iPhone or iPad, to the next level!

We have released My Notes today for using IBM Notes applications from iPhone

My Notes for iPhone is live now, which is indeed a great news for everyone who needs to access their Lotus Notes databases from their mobile. My Notes is an innovative solution featuring:

- Self-service setup procedure as easy as scanning QR code from user’s desktop
- Distributed cloud service for location-based connection between mobile phone and Lotus Notes
- Exceptional security based on modern and proven encryption standards
- Notes-specific features, such as full-text search, priority follow-up flags, categorized views, etc.
- Support of multiple Mail files, Contacts and Notebook databases on one mobile workplace

More details and demo video:
Official press-release:

Android version of My Notes app is now ready for beta. Want to give it a try?

Do you want to try using your IBM Notes applications on your Android phone right now? Here is a good chance – we are starting My Notes for Android beta today.

If interested, please open!forum/my-notes-public-beta and join public Google group to enroll in My Notes beta testing.

Release Candidate for AweSync.Mail Is Launched!

Today is a really great day for Inexika team - we've added one more product to our product line by publishing a release candidate for Awesync.Mail!

For more information, detailed product description and links to downloads for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows OS, please visit the product website:

Backup Tool Project. Part 1: WCF Configuration

Who needs one more backup tool? There are dozens of them on the market – almost every self-respecting IT company already created a proprietary backup solution, and a lot of them are free. Of course, they have different functionality, and freeware tools are limited in their capabilities, but one still need to have a strong reason to once again reinvent the wheel.

Programming for Dummies

This article will show you how to make the first steps in programming. I'm not going to teach you how to select your first programming language, or which book to start with, or how to pass an interview. All this is not so important. What I’m going to do is to help you to write your first program.

It so happens that, working as a developer, I gave programming lessons to two of our customers. A couple of years ago I tried to teach my girlfriend programming. As a student, I often had to help my friends. And they all suffered from the same problem. They tried writing it all at once, and then looking for bugs and finding the reason why the program did not work.

But even I, who have engaged in programming for a long time, have not learned how to write programs at once, from the very beginning to the end.

Optimize It. Part 2

  A new day and a new piece of code that we’re going to accelerate to near-light speed. Fasten your seat belts and let’s go!

  Here is a binary operation of addition, the result of which is assigned to variable k. Is there something that can be speed up here?

int k = 0;
for (var i = 0; i < 1000000000; i++)
  k = i + 1;

That would be great. Such operations are used frequently not only in cryptographic algorithms, but also...

Optimize It. Part 1

  Recently one of our customers set us a non-trivial and rather interesting task - to unprotect old Microsoft Excel files. Time allotted for this might not exceed 10 minutes on a computer with average performance.

  After researching the topic, a decision was made to remove protection using dictionary attack. A member of customer’s team helped us in testing the finished solution and took part in the development as well. We chose C# as a programming language as it was the main one in other customer’s projects.

  In the first day we created a program capable of attacking a .xls file with 12 000 passwords in 1 minute. This allowed us to check 120 000 passwords in given 10 minutes and open approximately 2% of the files provided by the customer. Sure, we hadn’t expected 100% result in the given time limits, but the result of 2% was too modest. Obviously, the possibility of successful attack might have been raised by...

Optimizing JavaScript code: several tips

As in many other IT companies, we at Inexika work with customers from all over the world. A good command of English is very important, so we never miss a chance to improve our language skills. That’s why I recently took a course in English speech patterns. I liked it a lot and, keeping in mind that it’s mainly practice that helps us to consolidate the lessons, I made a small, but useful web-service with speech patterns - I killed two birds with one stone – it also gave me a first-hand experience of work with jQuery Mobile and Windows Azure.

After the service was ready, I shared it with my colleagues, and, of course, they found some issues. In particular, our CEO Sergey Temnikov told me about search speed problems on his old iPhone 4. So I threw my hat in the ring and got down to coding.