Custom software development and outsourcing

One of our main business areas is custom applications software development and outsourcing.

We have extensive experience in projects of various complexity - starting just from small modifications requiring few hours, and up to development and maintenance of sophisticated integrated systems during the years. Here are the examples of the industries, in which we've successfully performed the projects:

Projects based on Microsoft technologies cover the following areas:

  • Accounting and commissions calculation
  • On-line Backup
  • CRM and front office automation
  • Data mining, parsing and standardization
  • Electronic documents discovery
  • Hiring automation systems
  • Students progress tracking
  • Travel and booking
  • Social networking
  • Visitors check-in / check-out kiosks

Accomplished projects for Lotus Domino include:

  • HR and hiring management systems
  • CRM systems
  • Financial management systems
  • Help-desk systems
  • Project management systems
  • Cryptographic components
  • UI enhancements modules
  • Import/export modules
  • Real-time integration modules
  • Synchronization tools

How to start a project with us?

Starting a project with our team is really simple.

Ideally, you would have some kind of requirements specification for your project, which can be either a formal document written according to some analytic methodology, or any free-form description, like screens mock-ups, and contact our team to submit all available materials. We will review them, possibly ask some questions (if any) to narrow down the scope, and give you a preliminary quote, so that we can move further into more detailed planning, and further to implementation. If you have any technical preferences, like use this or that platform, framework, component, or anything else, please tell us about these requirements as well, as they might be important when making the quote, or planning the project.

Still, if you don't have any detailed description, and just got an idea of some kind - no big deal. Let us know about it, and after we'll discuss it, our analysts will help you in requirements specification, which will be suitable for project planning and implementation. And for sure, it's not a problem to sign NDA, if required.

What defines the project price?

There are several approaches which can be used to define your project cost.

In most cases customers prefer fixed price projects. This means that after we discuss project details with you, and define it's scope and plan, the price is negotiated, and is not changed while the project is being implemented, unless the requirements are changed along the way. This makes customers feel safe that no extra payments will be required upon project completion, unless they decide to add some extra to the project scope.

Though, in some cases pay as you go model, which is also sometimes called "time & material" is more suitable, and gives more benefits to customers. For example, if a project requires some preliminary research, because it's hard to estimate the whole thing in advance, or if iterative approach is required, so that changes are made to product being developed continuously, paying by the actual hours spent makes more sense.

Anyway, our professional team will recommend you the most cost-effective pricing model for your project, so that you get maximum value while saving your money.

Our team has broad sphere of technological of expertise, so we can perform projects in various areas, or integrated product requiring complex skills set. See in what areas we can help you:

Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in our services.

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