TIENET delivers a Web-based, customizable case management system for managing and monitoring the entire special education process, including pre-referral, eligibility, IEP development, service documentation, reporting to parents, 504 plans, English Language Learners, and personalized education programs, as well as support for Medicaid billing.

More Info

This is a project with over 15 years history. It was originally developed using Classic ASP and VB.NET. Our first task in this project was to recreate it in C# and ASP.NET Web Forms approach. Another goal was to renovate the user interface of the system using Telerik ASP.NET AJAX Controls. And finally, localize this application in English, French and Spanish. Also we put great attention on site accessibility (Section 508 compliance).

Currently the project is in support and active development state. We continuously work on new features, for example:

  • Integration

    Integration of TIENET with Google Translate

  • Adaptation

    Adapt the application to mobile devices such as tablet computers and modern smartphones based on Android and iOS (devices with large screens and JavaScript support). There were certain challenges in this task.

  • Silverlight Apps Development

    An auxiliary Silverlight application was implemented. We keep on helping customer with improving this application further following the best coding practices.

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