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Built on the basis of the micro-service architecture.

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Nowadays, microservices are getting more and more popular – thus, one of our regular customers was considering migrating their numerous monolithic applications to such architecture. To assess all the pros and cons of that approach, it was decided to develop a pilot project using the most advanced technologies from the world of microservices – Spring Cloud, Java, NetflixOSS, Docker and Kubernetes.

The stack Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, Java is now unmatched. The solution infrastructure was built on the components Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix, Feign implemented in the Spring Cloud..

In the solutions built on the basis of the micro-service architecture, automation of deployment and administration comes to the fore. The bundle of Docker and Kubernetes in our time has actually become an industry standard.

Infrastructure for continuous deployment was built on the basis of GitLab.

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