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Collect is an app for people that want to save a photo a day as a visual record of their lives.

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Many people will capture their best single photo every day of the year. Others will want to save multiple photos and often about different topics that interest them like their kids, garden, food etc. The Collect app combines a beautifully designed interface and great features to help users create a stunning collection of photos and memories. There is no better app in the App Store for remembering a year through your photos.

  • Beautiful design

    The finest details always put the focus on your photos.

  • Fast and simple

    Choose from your camera roll, other album or take a new photo.

  • Calendar view

    See all your photos for every month in a calendar display.

  • Captions & notes

    Not only add a caption but also add detailed notes to each photo.

  • Built for sharing

    Share each day & each month via Twitter, Facebook and email.

  • Ready for printing

    The card format is perfect for printing when exported from the app.

  • Multiple calendars

    Have a different calendar for each part of your life.

  • Single or multiple photos

    Collect as many photos as you want with the option for just one per day.

  • Reminders feature

    Daily alert so you don’t miss a day in your “photo a day” quest.

  • Scroll between months

    Easily swipe or jump straight to the month you want in the calendar.

  • Tag your photos

    Use tags to categorise your photos.

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