iMoodJournal - mood tracking application for Android and iPhone

iMood - mood tracker - mood diary

Our mobile development team came up with an idea to create a simple app to track mood changes and associate the records with personal experience in order to discover patterns and triggers and observe mood changes in perspective.

This beautiful app is an ultimate mood diary. It will help you discover causes of your ups and downs and get surprising insights into yourself!

With iMoodJournal you can:

  • Keep notes of your overall wellbeing with our colorful scale, record your thoughts and experiences. iMoodJournal will remind you when it's time to check in with yourself.
  • Browse the history of your records using our engaging animated mood chart.
  • Establish associations of your mood and experiences by adding #hashtags to your records (yeah, like those in Twitter!).
  • Mark your emotions with hashtags like #angry, #cheerful or #surprised — iMoodJournal will show you how your feelings affect your wellbeing in long term.
  • Track your medication and sleep using tags like #aspirin and #sleep:8h
  • Spot triggers of your mood changes on Top Hashtags charts, and filter your mood records by #hashtags.
  • Take self-portrait photos and realize how your mood affects your appearance.
  • Recognize time-based patterns in your mood on gorgeous summary charts.
  • Share your mood with friends on Twitter.

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When do I need a mood diary?

Mood diary is a tool frequently suggested by psychologists and therapists to help us discover facts about ourselves that otherwise slip our attention. Whether you experience a serious condition like bipolar or depression, or are just curious to know yourself better, this app may help. Bring your iMoodJournal to your therapist or discuss it with your close friend to maximize its positive impact on your life.

To get the best out of this app, please keep regular records (2 – 3 times a day) of your mood with tags and self-portraits for at least 1 – 2 weeks. The Weekly Cycle chart requires several weeks of records to generate meaningful output. We wish you the very best experience with iMoodJournal.

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What's new in version 2.2.4

  • Apple Watch support
  • A new feature to disable smoothing for graphs - with it, you will see your actual "ups" and "downs", which may be important for medical purposes
  • Possibility to create different types of reminders with custom text - it may be useful for tracking meds or various activities
  • Possibility to filter History in the selected time interval - for instance, you'll be able to see how many times you had #headache during last 10 days without manually counting mood entries
  • Possibility to create mood entries template, where you can enter some kind of text beforehand
  • Correct export of long mood entries in PDF - now mood entries that are longer than one page are not truncated