Google Apps Services

It's not a secret for everyone familiar with IT industry, that Google services — both personal, such as Google Mail, Calendar, and Docs as well as business-driven Google Apps — are gaining a tremendously increasing number of fans. Yes, we mean fans, not just users, as almost every our team member loves their applications, and uses them in our daily activities. Such great impact of Google on our life resulted in an idea of helping those users, who want to synchronize their data, such as calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks between Lotus Notes and Google either for co-existing in both systems, or for using Google as intermediate storage to feed their mobile devices, such as Androids, iPhones, and others. This lead to our first experience with Google App development, and creation of the leading tool for synchronization between these two platforms - AweSync.

Along this process, while learning more about Google APIs, Apps Engine, Marketplace, migration to Google from other platforms, and everything around these, we realized that this is a intensively fast growing market, and definitely deserves our attention, as huge amount of users do need their custom applications work in Google clouds! This is the reason why we offer our customers professional Google Apps development services.

Please contact us if you can't wait to have application implemented in cloud by a professional Google Apps developers.