2Checkout Mobile for iPhone, iPad and Android

2Checkout Mobile Apps are designed by our team for 2Checkout.com, which are used by vendors all over the world to sell their products and services, and who would like to leverage the power of mobility with iPhone and Android in their hands instead of necessity of logging into the standard web account interface in browser. These apps provide an easy to use and yet powerful way to monitor your vendor account, issue refunds and even get in touch with your customers.

Note that these applications use 2Checkout’s API and require creating a special API username, so your web credentials for the vendor area won't work. To create a 2CO API username, please log into your web account via vendor area, click on the Account tab and User Management sub-tab. From there, click the Create Username link and create a new username with API Access and API Updating selected for the Access type.

iPhone Screenshots

Android Screenshots



  • Payments — view all money withdrawals made from your 2CO account by date with total and currently pending amount;
  • Payment details — for each payment, discover the amount paid, reserve held, fees, refunds, and more;
  • Payment charts — view weekly and monthly reports with interactive sliding average graph to discover payment trends;
  • Sales — view all purchases made by your customers, grouped by date with on-demand refresh;
  • Sales filters — sort out specific groups of sales such as refunded, or declined recurring sales;
  • Sales search — search any information regarding your sales;
  • Sale details — view order details, customer information, invoice details with all purchased items;
  • Sales chart — build weekly and monthly sales reports, play with interactive sliding average graph to discover sales trends;
  • Issue Refunds — partial or full, for the whole sale or for specific line item from the invoice;
  • Get in touch with your customers — from the sale details, write an email or call your customer, you can also comment on sales notifying 2CO and optionally the customer;
  • Products and Coupons — review basic information, recurrence type, categories, etc. Account information includes company info, site and contacts reflected according to the information entered in the web interface vendor area;
  • Access control — provide your employees with certain level of access to the app’s functions via 2CO Web Vendor interface using API usernames, giving your users the ability to browse data in read-only mode,and optionally issue refunds and update information;
  • Application support — contact app developers right from the app, submit a bug report, or just leave your feedback.

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